What We Do

Driven by our commitment to client interests and by our independent, collaborative culture, Victorious’s range of services is designed to be comprehensive, yet customizable.We support our clients in a myriad of wealth-related activities, including asset management, insurance, family trust, estate and tax planning, cash flow analysis and budgeting, and many more.

We provide tailored services in wealth management and financial services and contributes to their advancement in seeking to help clients meet their complex financial needs.

Wealth Planning

Victorious provides comprehensive wealth planning services to help clients grow their assets, diversify their holdings, and maintain a legacy for future
generations.Our advisory services are guided by our expertise in seeking to provide effective solutions that reflect the particular dynamics of a client’s specific

Our team is experienced in helping ultra-high-net-worth families foster effective communication and develop strategies designed to preserve wealth across
generations. We work with you to clarify the underlying dynamics of your situation and create plans that reflect your values and priorities. After a thorough review of a client’s circumstances and needs, our advisory team constructs an in-depth, actionable plan to address targeted goals. This service is customizable and may involve multiple disciplines, with a holistic perspective on identifying the most appropriate approach to pursue.

Victorious takes a long-term approach to wealth planning. While some individuals or families tend to focus their financial efforts primarily on investment returns, we formulate approaches that seek to preserve wealth, help clients prepare for future needs, and assess legacy goals for future generations. We apply our extensive experience across an integrated array of services: trust and estate planning, asset allocation, cash flow and liquidity planning, intergenerational wealth succession, etc.

We can help you fully realize your and your family’s specific goals and vision by coordinating the right strategy, resources and support.

Investment Advisory

To help clients pursue their investment goals, Victorious offers investment expertise and advice to personalize asset allocation and investment plans. The core of our service is based on the objective investment advice we seek to provide, supported by an open-architecture wealth management platform.
We listen and work to understand your comprehensive financial situation and recommend innovative solutions precisely targeted to help you achieve your
objectives. From assessing your risks to researching specific investments and much more, we follow a rigorous asset management process to build and maintain a custom portfolio to help you in meeting your goals. Throughout our process, we continuously report and communicate to help ensure we are best meeting your needs.

Our allocation recommendations may incorporate a variety of vehicles, including Victorious’s own investment strategies, our network of third party managers, mutual funds, alternative strategies, private equity funds, and more as may be appropriate. As an independent investment adviser, we seek to provide strategy
recommendations to our clients with their best interests in mind.

We focus on advising client families in their financial lives and continually bringing them compelling wealth management opportunities from around the world. We sift through the global set of investment choices to provide you with the sophisticated, customized solutions that only a diversified financial services firm can provide.

Family Planning

Our dedicated staff can provide an array of services necessary for a family, from next
generation’s education, immigration planning, insurance to medical care, and more.